Hi, I’m Scott

As an energetic wellness coach living in Kitchener-Waterloo, I have a passion for living well, which I strive to cultivate in my clients and within my community. If you’re looking for positivity and optimism, I may be the coach for you!

After graduating from Kinesiology at McMaster University, I taught Physical Education and Health in the secondary system. Personal satisfaction in helping students understand and live healthy, active lives encouraged me to pursue further education. I became certified as an instructor in mindfulness based cognitive therapy and certified in functional medicine coaching through the Institute of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Individuals working with me can expect to create self awareness of how the past has shaped their present health, while recognizing what there optimal health would look like. From there, one can expect to be supported, challenged and inspired to journey through stages of change towards increased health satisfaction and ultimately reaching desired goals.

Let’s work together and unlock the power already within you to achieve your goals; create lasting change, new levels of energy, life balance and personal satisfaction!

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Working Together

Trained in Functional Medicine Coaching, I have an understanding and appreciation for both conventional and functional medicine doctors. My role is to work in partnership with your physician; to execute their prescribed treatment plan by supporting you. Have you ever been told one of the following?


“It would help if you lost weight and reduced stress”

Functional Medicine

“You should try this elimination diet”

Doctor Directed

“You would benefit from additional exercise”

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with physician suggested health and lifestyle modifications, you don’t have to face it alone. Together we will tackle the doctor’s orders so you can walk into your next appointment or surgery and say, “I’ve done the work!”.

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Scott Alexander with Dr. Hannah Snider, Physician with a focused practice in Functional Medicine and Psychotherapy.

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